Secretary Antony J. Blinken Highlights U.S.-India Strong Economic Ties at U.S.-India Business Council Summit

Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken highlighted the robust economic relationship between the United States and India during his keynote address at the U.S.-India Business Council’s India Ideas Summit. The event, which took place at the Renwick Gallery in Washington, D.C., drew together leaders from the private sectors of both nations to discuss opportunities for collaboration and innovation.

Secretary Blinken expressed the United States’ solidarity with India in times of calamity, expressing condolences for the victims of a recent train accident in Odisha. He praised the commitment of the U.S.-India Business Council to fostering partnerships and expanding business opportunities in both countries.

Secretary Blinken highlighted the significance of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s impending state visit, highlighting that the U.S.-India relationship is a defining one for the 21st century. He highlighted the historical trajectory of the bilateral relationship, spanning multiple administrations, and lauded the shared commitment to confront regional and global challenges.

The Secretary emphasized the solid economic connections between the two countries, noting that trade reached a record-breaking $191 billion in 2014, making the United States India’s largest trading partner. He praised the substantial investments made by American and Indian companies in each other’s countries, which have contributed to creating jobs and expanding the economies.

Secretary Blinken emphasized the transformative investments both nations make to improve their respective economies. He cited the Bipartisan Infrastructure Act of President Biden and Prime Minister Modi’s 100 trillion rupee infrastructure plan as critical initiatives to make the economies more productive and attractive to investors.

The Secretary also emphasized collaboration on critical and emerging technologies, highlighting the significance of democratic values and respect for human rights in developing and applying technology. He mentioned efforts to diversify and expand supply chains with reputable nations while decreasing strategic reliance.

In addition, Secretary Blinken praised the contributions of Indian Americans to the United States, including their role in establishing one-third of all immigrant-founded enterprises. Over 200,000 Indian students are enrolled in American universities, making India the second-largest source of international students in the U.S.

Secretary Blinken concluded his speech by reiterating the United States’ commitment to strengthen the partnership with India by leveraging economic connections, promoting innovation, and investing in people to create a brighter future for both nations.

The India Ideas Summit hosted by the U.S.-India Business Council served as a forum for fostering collaboration and investigating new opportunities for businesses in both nations. The event aimed to strengthen economic ties, encourage innovation, and enhance the relationship between the United States and India.

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