Pakistani Ambassador Encourages Unity and Highlights the Bright Future of Pakistani Community in the United States

Ambassador Masood Khan, the Pakistani Ambassador to the United States, underscored the significance of unity and solidarity among Pakistani expatriates at a gathering of the Pakistani community in Atlanta, Georgia. He stated that the Pakistani diaspora in the United States, comprised of distinguished professionals, innovative entrepreneurs, and tech-savvy individuals, is a formidable force.

Addressing a large assemblage of Pakistani expatriates, Ambassador Masood Khan proclaimed, “The roughly one million Pakistani community in the United States is a formidable force.” He continued, “This community of renowned professionals, enterprising business leaders, entrepreneurs, and tech-savvy youth has a bright future in the land of opportunity.”

The ambassador lauded the accomplishments of the Pakistani community, referring to them as “hidden nuggets” and expressing his gratitude for their significant contributions in various disciplines. He also acknowledged their role as pillars and fulcrums of Pak-US relations, emphasizing their impact on strengthening ties between the two countries.

Sanam Azeem, president of Pakistani American Friends of Atlanta (PAFA), welcomed Ambassador Masood Khan to Atlanta and emphasized the charitable, hospitable, and service-oriented nature of the Pakistani community. Dr. Sania Niaz, president of the Georgia chapter of the Association of Physicians of Pakistani Descent of North America (APPNA), discussed the contributions of APPNA Georgia in providing services to underserved areas of Pakistan and engaging in humanitarian activities, especially during times of disaster.

Raabia Bhatti, the president of OPEN Atlanta, discussed the organization’s mission to develop, connect, and inspire the Atlanta Pakistani community. She emphasized OPEN Atlanta’s commitment to engaging the community in a variety of methods and providing opportunities for incoming generations.

Various community leaders and notable individuals conveyed their support and welcomed the Ambassador to Atlanta during the gathering. They included Atlanta Citizen Foundation (TCF) President Abdullah Jaffery, Carter Center Vice President Kashaf Ijaz, Engro Board Member Henna Inam, Cobb County Magistrate Judge Tauqeer Chouhan, Pastor Younus Farhat, Rahim Shah Akhunkhail, the Pakistan Business Council (Georgia), and Voices of Muslims. In addition, Georgia State Senator Shaikh Rahman, a Pakistani-born Bengali American, extended a warm greeting to the delegation.

Consul General Muhammad Aftab Chaudhry also addressed the group, emphasizing the Pakistani community’s contribution to the United States’ attractiveness and diversity. He admired the community, stating, “Every organization and Pakistani here is a success story.”

Ambassador Masood Khan emphasized the importance of the Pakistani community in strengthening Pak-US relations and urged them to continue defending Pakistan’s good name and honor abroad. He urged the community to work for the nation’s vital interests, emphasizing the significance of unity and perseverance in nation-building.

The Ambassador also provided information regarding efforts to improve community services, noting that the Consulate and Embassy are leveraging technology to enhance their support.The Atlanta Pakistani community pledged to continue contributing to the progress and prosperity of the United States and Pakistan as the gathering ended with a renewed sense of unity and determination.

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